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Colon Hydrotherapy


Colon Hydrotherapy

1205 Ocean Ave Point Pleasant, NJ 08742
(732) 714-1220

Colon Hydrotherapy at:
Minding The Body Colon Hydrotherapy Center
at White Sands Hotel Spa
Point Pleasant, New Jersey

During your session you can expect privacy if you want or massage and pampering if you prefer - it is your choice. You will be completely covered in a relaxed atmosphere. Some of the advantages of our newly designed systems are the comfort of the table which is adjustable to your height, the size of the speculum being so small and comfortable (only 5/16" in diameter). Urination is also possible while evacuating the colon which is very relieving. You will be able to view what you evacuate if you like which may make you more aware of your dietary intake. An especially popular feature of our device is the rectal nozzle - it measures only 5/6" in diameter, is individually packaged and completely sterile.



 That's a major factor in your awareness of some of the communicable diseases around today. Another feature on the device is a state-of-the-art filtering system for the water. As the filtered water enters the rectal nozzle it is sterilized by ultraviolet light. The water entering the body is as pure as possible. Acidophilus is a vitally important nutrient in creating and maintaining a "friendly environment" in the colon- our device is capable of implanting liquid acidophilus. This service spreads a layer of the acidophilus over the freshly washed colon wall slowing down the growth of "unfriendly" bacteria, and offering the growth of "friendly" bacteria 



 What is Lower Bowel Evacuation? Colon irrigation is the term frequently used to describe the service of Lower Bowel Evacuation. We simply prefer the more descriptive name. Colon irrigation is a system used to instill water into the lower bowel where the pressure, temperature, and the flow of the liquid can be controlled to evacuate and cleanse the lower bowel. It is important to understand our body's digestive system. "Unfriendly bacteria" can create a coating on the impacted fecal matter on the wall of the lower bowel which prohibits proper absorption of nutrients and liquids.



A Healthy Colon vs. A Toxic Colon



The colon is an organ/muscle. It measures approximately 3" in diameter and is between 5 1/2 ' to 6' long. The colon moves matter along through the action of peristalsis or a "caterpillar type" action. The colon is basically responsible for two activities: (1) elimination of waste, and (2) absorption of liquid or water back into the body. The large intestine dehydrates the feces. The colon carries anywhere from 5 to 25 meals worth of waste by-products in it. The average meal is about a pound. How often should we eliminate? HOW MUCH ARE YOU EATING? The colon will accommodate - depending on your frame and size and the distention and age of the organ - anywhere from 5 to 12 meals. When you think about displacement, what should happen when you eat? Eat 3 meals - eliminate 3 meals (displacement). When the colon is full and you ingest a meal - a meal should come out. The colon is basically a garbage can and it seems as though we are now trying to make it become a trash compactor! 


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